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Little Guy Network

Little Guy Network

Little Guy Network or has a variety of digital software and e-books that are available for paid members to download as their product line. These all have reseller rights so you can sell them as your business product.

The Business Opportunity with gives all members who pay the $200 joining fee and the monthly $19.95 admin fee the opportunity to resell the products to other prospective customers. They then earn commissions for their sales.

As a paid member, you will receive a commission of $150 paid directly to you, after your first sale. Little Guy Network has a 1-up compensation plan which means you will pass up your first sale. The company doesn't handle commission payments because all commissions are paid directly to the members. Each time a new member joins on your first level (someone that you personally added (sponsored) to your team) you will receive a commission of $25. This can be a source of residual income!

The attractive part of this program is the price point. Most people would tend to have $200 to invest in a new home business. However as in any online venture, the key to success we feel is in the Marketing SYSTEM.

The Little Guy Network marketing works like this: Each time a new member signs up, $25 of the $200 joining fee will go to a mandatory Group Ad Coop. has teamed up with a number of marketing professionals in order to provide their members a source of traffic. Each member will have their personal website put on a rotator. Each time someone clicks on an ad everyone in the rotator will have a chance to get that "click" to come to their website and possibly join them.

The question we would have with this or any online venture is will the marketing provide enough leads to brings sales? We have experienced various coop's where the traffic was minimal for the cost. We opted in to someone offering the Little Guy Network at a traffic exchange. They obviously were using that traffic source to increase their prospects sign ups. We received an autoresponder e-mail followup very similar to many other programs out there, which is a positive for this program. E-mail marketing as of this writing works very well online.

Conclusion: The cost is affordable for the masses. Little Guy Network may be a nice supplemental income source for those already online. The newbie should verify that the mandatory marketing alone is enough to make a profit.

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