List Building Review

List Building Traffic Secrets

Folks, there are no secrets to getting traffic...just proven techniques that work!

The Life Blood Of Any Online Business Is It's Ability To Drive Consistent Targeted Traffic To It's Websites.

Here Are Some Sites From My Network That Thousands Of Marketers Just Like You Use To Drive Massive Endless Amounts Of Targeted Traffic To Their Website (Myself Included).

List Builders are very simple to COPY what we do to get opt ins and make sales, thats why we recommend them to our team and others we assist online.

If you are new and try to learn facebook, you tube video, article writing, seo, these all take time to learn, and they dont generate traffic immediately.

ANY list builder you can join and in 5 minutes send out an ad to targeted quality prospects...and we can literally guarantee you will see opt ins and sales.

If you use any of the list building systems listed here, you will be able to connect with other targeted marketers, also looking for a way to earn an income online.

Our experience says the best people to market to are the ones that already purchased other programs or tools that will help them grow their business. So, these list builders are a perfect way to start learning how to market online.

Our suggestion is to purchase ONE of the recommendations below to learn it, then add more.

Then, you can start promoting any product to this list.

You will want to capture your leads so you will also need an autoresponder.

We use aweber because it is one of the most reliable and they are not going to go away anytime soon...stick with the established businesses!

You can get your aweber account by Clicking here. It's only $19.95 a month.

Now for the List Builders.


Click ViralURL for the best one at this time. Very responsive. Be ready to take advantage of the sign up offers. This list has over 60,000 members as this is written and growing.


Click ListEffects

Email 3000-4000 Random People Every 3 Days! Thats 30,000+ a month!


Click ViralHosts

Viral Host:(take the one time gold offer)



Click The List Auction


Click ListJoe


Click Target Pro Blaster


Click Ultimate List Generator

So, to summarize, if you can email roughly 30,000 people with each list builder, you will be on your way to growing your list, and seeing some of these people buy from you.

Our experience is that if you have a reasonably responsive list of say 3000 people, you should see at least one sale from an email blast to them. What if you had three such list builders working for you... or even more?

So again you need to:

1. Join at least one list builder.

2. Include a link in your emails to direct people to your offer, You can also just promote your list builder...very nice commissions from selling the list builder, and it offers a true value product to your customers.


WATCH me use one of my list builders-- this is all you need to do to place ads and get opt ins and sales!

Hope this cleared up some of the usual getting started confusion with online marketing. This we feel is a very low cost, easy to understand, way to test the waters and make some sales.

We almost forgot!

You can just plug into our top rated program right now using these list builders.

If you add this GDI to this list building knowledge, you should see some nice results very soon after you start using these tools!

List builders are a great way to generate good leads for any business because they are easily DUPLICATEABLE- everyone can COPY and PASTE and email ad!!

After testing and reviewing hundreds of different business opportunities and money making programs, ONLY ONE worked well for the average person to duplicate my results. Click here to go to the website.