Larry has a new program for generating leads and earning an income while doing so, that is UNIQUE and will in my opinion soon be a top way to grow any on or off line business. Check it out here: My VGV System.

The CEO of is Larry Oxenham. He has been offering his Home programs that work since 1996!

I recently had the pleasure of "conversing" with Mr. Oxenham via e-mail and learned more about his business opportunities which he offers, and some of his "secrets" to his home business success.

What I found most impressive with Larry Oxenham is his commitment to his customers. This is one aspect of starting a home business that many people don't consider, and many so called "guru's" don't practice either. LazyWealth and Larry Oxenham realize the importance of customer service and building a long term relationship with their customers.

As Larry said to me "our success has been built on providing good information and great support". Mr. Oxenham's programs come with unlimited e-mail assistance. He also commented that "support after sale is always the critical factor in success". I would agree with these statements 100% and as you search for your means to a home based business keep that in mind as you do your due dilligence in evaluating ANY program.

LazyWealth's initial program, The Original Lazy Wealth Guide, which I purchased  includes a series of assignments via e-mail. Students of that program have successfully written Guides on Debt Reduction,Golf, International Marketing, and many other subjects.

I found this course information to be somewhat similar to others in content regarding creation of informational products, however the followup support and committment from LazyWealth is what sets this program apart, and has resulted in so many success stories. This course sells online for $39.95 (plus S/H if via snail mail) and can be obtained completely online so you can put it to use immediately!

Currently Larry Oxenham and offers the following programs: The Original LazyWealth Guide, A Gift program and AMC ( A word on direct mail a bit later in this review...

Additionally LazyWealth offers a Passive Investment program and just recently added an Identity Theft prevention program. Larry also commented he plans to introduce a new program later this month.

Mr. Oxenham also commented on an aspect of operating a home based business that many online marketers fail to recognize and is crucial to your success...many marketers have made money but have not developed loyalty.

As you can see, LazyWealth is more than a resource for a home business opportunity, it is a place for you to develop your business with long term support from a marketer that knows what truly are the keys to business success.

I mentioned I'd offer a comment earlier on direct mail. Larry Oxenham says he is not an "internet marketer" per se' , however he is very good at direct mail, and has been approached by internet marketers on how to combine direct mail with the internet. I found LazyWealth via a direct mail type of advertisement so I can attest to the fact that he knows direct mail/marketing.

I also agree that combining direct mail with e-mail messages can really jump start your home business. I use this technique in a program I am currently promoting. The abiliy to followup with your prospects via e-mail , combined with a program that has been tested to convert to sales, is a winning combination that will work repeatedly once you set it up.

LazyWealth is in their 13th year, and have a very loyal worldwide base of customers. They have added new programs and are poised for significant growth, per Larry Oxenham. recommends and we must say it was a pleasure to "meet" CEO Larry Oxenham and discuss his programs here. The internet is full of hyped up claims, and marketers that aren't necessarily looking to see you to success beyond your sale.

Mr. Oxenham's committment to his customers was a breath of fresh air for us.'s success appears to be a business rooted in integrity, something you should consider in your pursuit of an online business.

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