Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson has many success stories in the real estate business covering everything from first time buying to subdivisions development,and from residential sites to commercial and rental properties.

A graduate of the Georgia Instsitute of Real Esate in 1995, Laura Johnson soon became the Vice President of West Metro Board of realators in 1990.

She has developed a business opportunity program which is geared for those interested in a real estate business.

Many claim her program to be useful and has benefited them, some feel otherwise. I believe the different views relate to the knowledge level of those using the Laura Johnson information. Some of the information may be too advanced for those who are just starting out.

As you may see in my About Us section, I have personal experience in real estaste. My Dad gave me the prestegious job of cleaning up when tenants moved out. Real Estate businesses require to a degree a passion from the business person, maybe more so than other businesses as the things you deal with are often quite involved and requires the right personality to be a success at it.

Given my personal experiences and Laura Johnson information available, my suggestion is be sure you truly know what the involvement level will be for the specific aspect of the real estate business you plan to get involved in. Then soul search and be sure that is what you want in a business. Then be sure you have a "mentor" or similar way to follow so you learn the ropes without to much wasted effort and money on your part.

There are other ways to make a solid income that can support your family without needing to spend the countless hours a real estate business requires, but Laura Johnson may be able to offer you some good guideance.

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