Larry Burkett

One thing that most "reviewers" agree on is Larry Burkett offers a lot of knowledge in managing money resources, but not a lot of information on how to make money. Most of us looking for answers to the how to age old make money question would be disappointed in Larry Burkett for not offering more on that topic.

Nevertheless, Larry Burkett had a noteworthy life and at the very least his story should offer inspiration and motivation to us all.

Mr. Larry Burkett was born in Winter park, Florida on MARCH 3, 1939. After completing high school, Larry Burket joined the Air Force. He settled at Cape Canaveral in Florida, working and in charge of various experimental tests on the space program. He earned marketing and finance degrees from Rollins College in Florida.

In 1910, Larry Burkett left the space center, and became VP of an electronics manufacturing firm. After that, he joined a non-profit ministry and was financial counselor for Campus Crusade for Christ. Larry used his financial and biblical studies combined to create teachings on money and money management.

Larry Burket then set up Christian Financial Concepts in 1976 which was his own non profit organization. This merged eventually with Crown Ministries to form Crown Financial Ministries, which he stayed as Chairman until his passing on July 4, 2003.

Larry Burket has numerous publications (around 70), national best sellers, four novels, and popular radio programs that spread his information through over a thousand radio stations around the world.

Some of his books include: "The Comind Economic Earthquake", "Debt-Free Living", "Women Leaving The Workplace", "Great Is Thy Faithfulness", "The Word On Finance", "Using Your Money Wisely", "Business By The Book", and "Financial Parenting".His novels include: "Solar Flare", "The Thor Conspiracy", and his last novel, "Nothing To Fear", where he discusses his exeriences with cancer and its treatments.

Money Management is one area that Larry Burket has sound advise including changing your habits on spending, reducing debt, and sticking to a budget. This advise would be the case where you don't have any additional money coming in, and your expenses may be increasing. What you really need to know is how to increase your income. We get emails and phone calls daily asking us what and how to do exactly that. Just last night a guy called and asked what he should do to make more money.

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The link that follows offers an answer to how to make more money. That along with Larry Burkett money management techniques, and you've got the financial issues pretty well under control. Our best wishes to your prosperous success. You owe it to your self.

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