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Kenrick Cleveland

Kenrick Cleveland is the president of Influence Marketing, LLC.

Kenrick Cleveland also operates MaxPersuasion, the online division of Influence Marketing.This company provides access to articles written by Kenrick as well as a forum and his blog.

There is also an affiliate program for Kenrick Cleveland at MaxPersuasion.

Kenrick Cleveland is a speech trainer and coach. Mr. Cleveland has been providing his services through books and articles, seminars, and training session for the last 27 years.

Kenrick Cleveland's company was created to teach the techniques required to achieve success in sales.

It is agreed upon by many that Kenrick Cleveland is a good teacher and is able to create an understanding of the concepts he teaches to others.

It is the combination of his Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis experience plus his 27+ years of sales experience that have allowed him to perfect his sales skills.

If there is one thing that nearly everyone says about Kenrick Cleveland is he does have a lot of knowledge about persuasive speaking.

The proper use of that skill to increase sales is something anyone in sales could benefir from.

Kenrick Cleveland has some good info to learn from.

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