Ken Evoy

Dr. Ken Evoy is a Canadien Doctor who invented over 20 products (toys and games) that made him millions in royalties by selling these inventions to companies around the world. He also designed a stock trading software package that handles trading Canadien penny stock and after taking an interest in the internet, decided to sell this product online.

Ken Evoy felt the stock trading software would not necessarily sell but he believed in it and went ahead anyways. He was pleasantly surprised at the sales he generated with this product and that essentially lit the fire in him that he could sell anything from that point.

Nowadays, Ken Evoy is most recognized for his affiliate program and also teaches marketing techniques from hsi website and sells some related books.

Some of his book titles include: Make Your Site Sell!, Make Your Price Sell!, Make Your Knowledge Sell!. These simple concepts are what most successful businesses have figured out and I recommend them for your reading.His books are e-book generated so plan on doing a lot of online computer reading!

No doubt Ken Evoy is a successful entrepreneur and you surely will benefit from his knowledge.

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