Kaire Holdings Inc., also known as KAHI is a provider of services and products related to the study of blood flow. Kaire has teamed up with Vitaplanet.com and will offer products in phases. An initial product line includes all-natural herb and nutrition products in five categories: sports nutrition, specialty nutrition, executive nutrition,Ayurvedic medicinal, and virifics and aphrodisiacs.

Vitaplanet.com will also adda skin and body care product line. The executive and specialty nutritional lines involve non-synthetic vitamins, nutrients and minerals, and weight management products.

Kaire has existing operations that will be integrated into this e-commerce internet business plan.

Kaire has a specialization in creating internet capable companies that offer focused products and services for target market areas. They hope to integrate e-commerce with traditional brick and mortar companies, to enable Kaire to develop and market products and services that meet and/or exceed consumer expectations and the business community.

Here's some of their business program specifics:

1. $50 minimum purchase requirements. $100 for commissions to be paid.Life Plus requires $40 minimum. Marketing materials count towards these minimum requirements which is different than most MLM's.

2. Kaire compensation is 10% first 4 levels. A $300 min purchase is needed for higher levels. Life Plus, 5% on the first two levels, 10% for levels three to six.

3. Life Plus and Kaire both make it easy for anyone to join. Life Plus has a mail order capacity.

A lot of Kaire's marketing is done by handing out free casette tapes.Kaire also only sells products that have been clinically tested as effective in improving health. This is key as there are so many "supplements" that are said to improve health but there is really no scientific backing to prove this other than personal testimonials.They have a Clinical Scientific Advisory Board and recently joined forces with National Health Trends who has a proprietary array of health supplements in Wal-Mart stores.

Kaire seems to be a company with a good product, good scientific backing of benefits and a management team that knows where it is going.

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