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Jury Duty|Service Scam

Jury Duty or Jury Service Scam will be a brief review as we wanted to get this out quickly.

The scam is get a phone call from a supposed "government" level person that is connected with jury duty.

They want your social security number. You being "intimidated" by some supposed govenment level person or agency, you may offer your social security number. They make you feel like if you don't, you will get into some sort of bind or trouble.

If the request is refused, citizens are then threatened with fines.

Result is.....your identity was just stolen if you give out this personal information to a jury duty or service scammer.

Do not offer any personal information especially your SS # (social security number) to anyone.

Any person receiving such a telephone call:Should not provide confirmation of Social Security Numbers or their bank/credit card information to the caller; Should not send the caller any written personal information, such as Social Security Numbers or bank/credit card information for review; Should record the perpetrator's phone number if Caller ID is available.

We found similar reviews on this subject it you search for "jury duty service scams". One such site was snope or, a fantastic site with tons of great informative stuff.

End of Jury Duty scam review.

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