Juice Plus

Juice plusis a product started from the NSA Company. I was a former NSA distributor. Some of you may recall that NSA started out in the environmental products area selling water and air filters through network marketing or direct marketing.

NSA was my first experience in distributing a product directly and with a Network Marketing Company. Personally I did not do well in this type of company as I did not like selling to my "warm" market (friends, family, friends of a friend, etc.).

Getting back to Juice Plus+®, this product was introduced by NSA in addition to their environmental filtration products. Juice Plus+® is a patented blend of 17 different ingredients: grains , fruits and vegetables. Their method of extracting these nutrients is what makes the product unique.

The importance of fruits and vegetables in our diets has been proven by numerous medical and nutritional studies. There are also many studies that show the direct affect of fruits and vegetables on strengthening the immune system and reducing diseases like cancer, heart disease and many more. I am a huge backer of the fruit and vegetable concept towards better nutritional health. An important thing to look for is in the processing of these health supplements to be sure the processing doesn't reduce the natural good things in the fruit or vegetable. This product's processing does this well.

Children can also benefit form this product as they have products for all ages.

The product is good, the company has been around for quite a while. The only downside for me is the method of distributing. There are also many other similar products out there; you'd need a good marketing plan to find your target market, as well as to promote the business opportunity. Internet sales can be huge as long as you follow a proven plan as I did, to locate your traffic (market) and make sales.You may want to check out the virtual franchise.

Juice Plus is recommended.

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