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JSS Tripler Reviews

Is JSS Tripler or a Scam?

we are happy to explain the JSS Tripler program that is offered at the Just Been Paid website.

A few reviews we have seen online were from users of the service or site and from people that found jobs from using the site. So it seems to work for those that found the job type they searched for. Not a scam in our view.

We TEST ALL programs offered by this site and one of the main problems we feel w/ trying to earn any money online is learning how to advertise then market your program. Then also learning to recruit and THEN try to be a good sponsor so you can get your new people to DUPLICATE what you do.

JSS-Tripler enables you to make money without a downline or ever sponsoring anyone.It eliminates ALL of the things that many of you (US) struggle with.

Frederick Mann is the creator of JustBeenPaid and has a long running track record of online marketing successes. Louis Paquette is the JBP Affiliate Sales & Marketing Director.With JSS Tripler anyone can earn about 2% daily (60% monthly) on their positions they purchase.


Here are some HIGHLIGHTS of JSS Tripler::

- JSS was launched Feb 17, 2011.

- You can buy 250 positions an hour and 500 per day up to 25000 per person.

- You can Join JBP by opening a free account:

- Earn 2% a day payable to your account of choice, one being your AlertPay Account.


This is what we do to test any program. Even if you read hundreds of reviews stating this or that program work, we are all still not sure until we see it with our own eyes and get our own confidence, so here is what you can do:

1. You can Join JBP by opening a free account- Just Been Paid.

2. Set up your AlertPay account and fund it, or link your credit card to it. Start at the bare minimum $10.

3. Upgrade in JBP by making your $15 payment (not necessary for JSS-Tripler if you don't plan to sponsor people to earn referral commissions). Sponsoring requires another level upgrade, but no need to do that(you may want to share this with others once you see the results)

4. Enter your AlertPay email address in the JBP Member Area. You can get an account here: AlertPaySignUp

5. Fund your JSS account using AlertPay, then transfer funds to your JSS-Tripler account.

6. Buy one or more JSS-Tripler positions at a cost of $10 each.

7. Use some of your profits to buy new JSS-Tripler positions. Watch your positions grow.

8. OPTIONAL: Promote JSS-Tripler to sponsor people and earn referral commissions.

9. Withdraw some of your profits.

NOTE: Referring to #3 above: JBP Level 1 costs $15 every 3 months. You pay $15 to JBP Admin. No commissions are paid on level 1. JBP Level 2 costs $57 every 3 months -- 50% commission to your sponsor. JBP Level 3 costs $117 every 3 months -- 50% commission to your sponsor.

One thing we are seeing in online programs is making a sale is not getting easier. The economy has many people with very little money to start up a home based business so trying to add advertising to most programs leaves many strugglig to turn a profit; JSS Tripler may be the answer (use this to feed other programs-HINT).

One TIP: With any program online, we always suggest you get your initial "seed" (starting) money out via withdrawals as soon as you can. This way if for any reason the company can not full fill their obligations to pay, you will have your initial starting amount. Always do your own due dilligence, to be sure you are comfortable with any program.

JustBeenPaid offers JSS Tripler, a low cost way to start building a daily income with no need to learn marketing or recruiting. The company claims it is infinitely sustainable- meaning it can keep paying everyone for as long as they are around. We like simple programs like this and hope to see JSS around for a long time as there are so many people in need of some extra income.

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