John Commuta

John Commuta teaches how to be financially independent. He does this by showing you how to eliminate your debt rather than the more traditional approach of "managing your debt".

Realistically, there is no secret to getting out of debt, it is simply a matter of organizing your debts, prioritizing when to pay and where the funds will come from, and then serious saving.Hmmm, try teaching that to my kids! :) Once you have set a monthly budget for yourself and have organized all your debts there are various strategies for how to then pay off your debts. David Ramsey, another debt management coach, advises to pay of the smallest debt first in order to benefit from the satisfaction of eliminating a debt.Sometimes, getting rid of a few smaller bills takes the pressure off all the larger bills, and it makes it a bit more easy to deal with.

His course is called "Turning Debt Into Wealth". He touches on how to build wealth. John Commuta offers some information on getting started in real estate and starting an online marketing type business. Both of these require some specific skills and we would not expect anyone to do both, so select one and then learn the skills to become successful.

He also covers getting into affiliate marketing. I have written in various reviews that affiliate marketing is not as easy as many claim, and we are not a huge backer of affiliate marketing.If you look into this, learn how to generate traffic...traffic is the key to any online success.

John Commuta vs other debt management resources like Dave Ramsey or even your Mom or Dad if they were good with money, could help you find the best way to eliminate your debt, so your lack of debt then becomes true wealth!

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