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Jim Banks

Jim Banks offers a course called Probate Profits Made Easy which you may have seen advertised on T.V. Infomercials. This is basically a business opportunity that costs $325 for the course and is all about probate real estate investing.

The break down for Jim Banks Probate Profits Made Easy course is as follows: $9.95 trial for the first 30 days plus $14.95 shipping and handling.

If you keep the course, after 30 days there will be additional charges to you of $49.95 for 6 payments.The course cost is typical of what real estate courses are "running"; you should also knwo that Jim Banks has held seminars that run $6,000 to attend.

Jim Banks has over 30 years of experience in probate real estate properties of all kinds, so his being your mentor is probably a good choice. Probate is property that is left by those that have passed away, but is not only real estate. It can include jewelry, coin collections, or anything that you may see at estate sales.

Often these items can be found at below "market" value due to the typical nature of handling the affairs of loved ones who have passed on; many times people just want to sell everything and move on.

The Probate Profits Made Easy course comes with 6 months of personal coaching from Jim Banks which currently is two times a month phone consultation. The course includes a DVD, 6 books and 9 audio CD's.

As we have stated many times in our real estate reviews, real estate is a great place to invest and build a business. Just don't get caught up in the idea you will see fortunes over night. This probate real estate niche can be very lucrative we are sure.

Jim Banks offers a reputable business opportunity and his Probate Profits Made Easy course should get you some solid info to get started in the huge real estate arena. A buddy just bought some "investment" property and is working every night fixing the places up. We think an online business is much easier to make a nice income IF you have the right program, system and traffic.

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