Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills is from California, a Huntington Beach surfer.His website now claims he made some $545,000 in under two years.

In his website offer he discusses his background and how he went to Bible College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Jeff Mills is now President and CEO of Goldmills Marketing LLC.

Jeff Mills mentioned how he had mentors in his early start, namely Val Smith with the Mentors in Motion program. Mentoring in my opinion is very much worth it, especially if new to internet sales. It can save you tons of time trying so many techniques that may or may not work.Working from a proven system has advantages that just casn't be ignored in any new business start up.

His next business which he pursued  promoting is Coastal Vacations.

In general Jeff MIlls is involved in MLM oriented programs. He is very knowledgable in promoting such businesses and makes use of the internet to boost his business building which is evident on his website and his internet marketing.

Jeff MIlls is a talented marketing individual and his direct sales capability is for sure proven by his personal income levels achieved and business growth.

I promote a very popular MLM type program, that has been around for quite some time so I know some of the skills needed to be successful as like Jeff offers.

That being said, Jeff Mills can help you if you are into the business types he is in and is recommended.

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