Jay Conrad Levinson

Jay Conrad Levinson is one of the worlds most sought after marketer. Most everything he has his hands into turns into a success. In recent years he has been working closely with Mark Joyner, another well respected marketer.

Mr. Levinson lectures nationwode on guerilla marketing techniques which major companies are in demand for, as well as universities and other professional organizations. Jay Conrad Levinson has authored Guerill Marketing Attack, Guerilla Marketing Weapons, and Guerilla marketing Excellence.

Jay Conrad Levinson has a newer book entitled "Put Your Internet marketing On Steroids".This book takes ideas from the world's most successful companies and jelled them into a new internet marketing that any such business can use to make huge

Jay Conrad Levinson is a true giant in his field. He reveals things that most marketing "guru's" don't even know. If they did, his techniques would boost their business up to 40%. His ideas to make your internet business enormously profitable on a small marketing budget as well as tactics to grab away business from the competition as outlined in his new book, are alone worth the book price.

As you can see I can't find much to be critical on Mr. Levinson. Jay Conrad Levinson is highly recommended and someone you can learn a lot from.

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