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Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham in my opinion is one of the premier marketing geniuses of our time. His marketing techniques are not only for off line marketing, but you can also adapt them to your internet marketing repertoire.

Mr. Abraham lives in Los Angeles and offers consulting services. His fees are quite expensive for your average purchaser, however you can find some of Jay Abraham's work at "Previously Owned" sources at more affordable prices.

Never the less, if you want top notch marketing knowledge, like anything else, you should plan to pay for it. Some of Jay Abraham material sells for over $5000. That may be a minimal fee of you end up applying his information and it generates you 2-3 times your investment.

Some people are "gifted" as I feel Jay Abraham is in his marketing know how. Myself, I am not what I'd refer to as a heavy hitter by no means but I have found a way to make a full time living using marketing techniques that even Jay Abraham might be impressed with!

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