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Jason Pearson

Jason Pearson is CEO and founder of a newer program called Perfect Wealth Formula that has increased in its internet presence in the last few months, this being May '07.

The incentive for you as the internet marketer is to make $400 - $900 per sale.

The program is currently in "pre-launch" meaning you can get in at a lower cost. In a few weeks the initial cost will increase. This is a typical advertising means to create urgency to the prospect, which does work to increase sales.

Jason Pearson and Perfect Wealth Formula offer a lot of training videos and other resources that are intended to take you by the hand to success and offer most anyone the chance to make a lot of money on the internet.

Whether this happens for you or anyone else new to the internet depends a lot on the actual training and support you will receive. It is a proven fact that 99.99% of all internet business start ups fail.

Perfect Wealth Formula has a good product as does EDC or EDC Gold as an example and to compare two programs that seem to be quite similar, although EDC has been around quite a bit longer. They both have good price points where the marketer can make a decent profit vs. advertising cost.A large difference is in their payout structure where PWF does not require you to pass your first sale to your sponsor, and has residual income potential.

The key difference in these programs or any such program we feel may be in the support you receive. Check that out very carefully. Ask your sponsor if he /she plans to be around for a while as they too may be "program hoppers" looking for the next program to jump on early and try to make their internet "fortune".

Our system we feel is preferred. We aren't going anywhere and our goal is to train you so you are indeed successful. Perfect Wealth Formula may work for you. Check out your sponsor carefully! Find a program that is in it for the long haul. Find one that will teach you internet marketing.

We will monitor their success and see if they truly have what they claim to offer, in particular to newbies. We will also post more info on Jason Pearson as we continue our review process. if you don't see much about Perfect Wealth Formula then it probably went down as most of these so called get rich programs do...join a long running residual building program- so you will be assured of your long term income.

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