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Jan Gaudina

Jan Gaudina

Jan H. Gaudina has been in the real estate investing business for over 40 years. Jan Gaudina owns a variety of companies that involve strock brokerage investing, insurance and mortgage, real estate, and even film and movie production.He is the owner of AmreaDream (; Jan Gaudina offers mentoring sessions and sells a real estate investing course.

Mr. Gaudina was born in Billings, Montana. In one ten year spread he sold some 150 homes worth about forty million dollars. During this time, he created his "Help Program" for helping other to earn money.

Jan Gaudina has had his share of successes as well as "failures". He suffered huge losses during the real estate depression which hit Colorada a while back. To rectify some 40 vacant homes, he decided to give the property to the respective owners. This proved to be a disastewr to his investments and financial status. Jan Gaudina used that experience and turned it into a great learning lesson, whereby he started AmeraDream, a system to help others become financially independent.

Jan Gaudina received the 2003 Businessman of the Year award by the Business Advisory Council in Washington DC. Jan Gaudina also authored a book called get Rich by Helping Others the Ultimate Money Machine.This book teaches you how to buy property with little to no money down and to double your money annually, with his teachings.

The courses by Jan Gaudina are said to be informative as well as his mentoring sessions. We are sure if yo have a strong work ethis and are willing to follow his program you will make money in real estate.

On a personal note, while we do not know Jan Gaudina personally, we have received some of his e-mail literature. A recent e-mail from Jan wished his subscribers a happy holiday season and especially those that may be alone. We replied to Jan commenting on some recent family sadness and thanked him for his kind words. To our surprise, Jan replied back with words of encouragement.

We are sure Jan Gaudina gets tons of e-mail each day. To take the time to reply to our fleeting comment just shows the kind of person he is. That is what makes the difference in business and beyond and we wish him continued success.

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