James Martell

James Martell teaches affiliate marketing. he is not alone in this niche as there are many marketers out there "teaching" this aspect of internet marketing.

One thing that sets James Martell off from the others is he is more honest about the reality of how difficult affiliate marketing can be. Personally I feel affiliate marketing is at least as difficult as promoting your own personal product.

I like step by step type information. Martell offers a workable plan to put into motion as opposed to what many other markters "teach" where they just say to post some Googel Ad Words and let the profits flow! I wonder honestly if any of those folks ever made any actual money doing that?

I give James Martell a thumbs up for telling it straight and having a program that offers real "steps". I think promoting your own product is much better than affiliate promotion any day of the week, but if you are still convinced affiliate marketing is for you, then Martell may have the ingredients you are looking for.

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