James Bradley

James Bradley offers an internet business money making course called Internet Million Dollars. Internet Million Dollars has contact information on their website also named Internetmilliondollars.com showing a UK base.

The current selling price for Internet Million Dollars is $99.97. An affiliate program is also offered where you can get a link to promote this opportunity. For each sale, you will earn a 50% commission of the total sale amount. Internet Million Dollars by James Brady is a ClickBank product.

Internet Million Dollars comes with a 100% money back guarantee. This is after 60 days where you have tried their methods, and their help desk has offered all they can to solve any problems you are experiencing. Their webiste has a help desk form concept where you can e-mail your questions. We feel that this is good but it is always best to talk to a real person. Make sure this program suits your needs in that area before you look further.E-mail support is ok if it is prompt. When you need help it is sometimes just a brief call to your "mentor" that you need to get unstuck! My mentor is always just a phone call away. Best to be able to phone someone as the answer to your question is often resolved in a matter of minutes.

Internet Million Dollars by James Bradley also comments that they do guarantee that you will make money with their Program. They state this as long as you follow their methods and actually try them and put them to use.Internet Million Dollars or any other program  will not work if you do not do the work, and follow their instructions exactly. The internet is not a place to "do your own thing" if you have a proven program in place to follow,especially when you are a newbie. That program took someone time and money to work out the bugs and generate sales. It is all a numbers game eventually: of X hits to your website, X will become visitors to your site, and X will make a purchase. Once this is set in place, it works over and over.

The website offers minimal detail on exactly what is in their e-book. We have not found much that suggests this program is not good. Internet Million Dollars can be further checked out by looking at the Clickbank site. James Bradley and Internet Million Dollars is a long time top hundred best selling ClickBank products out of some 10,000 products. You can also do a Google search to see what other sites are saying about them.

Our experience is if you are a newbie, find a reputable product, with a proven step by step plan to make money. If at all possible, mentor with someone that has walked the walk. Internet Million Dollars by James Bradley appears to offer a good program. Please read below for more information on proven, step by step programs.

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