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James Arthur Ray

James Arthur Ray is a philosopher and holds seminars. James Arthur Ray suggests harmony in one's life is key. This as opposed to balance. There is a difference between balance and harmony.

In "The Secret", James Ray, while advancing his corporate career at AT&T and with the Stephen Covey Company, spent two decades studying the secrets of highly successful people. He studied the esoteric teachings of ancient spiritual practices. He brings all of this knowledge to his books, seminars, and personal coaching.

A colleague attended one of his seminars and was very inspired and impressed. If you can attend one of his free seminars we recommend it highly. James Ray also offers his Harmonic Wealth weekend seminar which can do wonders for your finances, relationships and personal well being.

James Arthur Ray is all about harmony and everything all rolled up into one nice package so Check out our income generating methods that follow this review to see how we maintain harmony in our finances!

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