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Jaguar Marketing System

The Jaguar Marketing System is a program that claims to provide you a way to earn money by either selling the system itself, or the products. It is a one up system where you earn $1000 or $3000 per sale.

We came across this system from a person that was promoting the Jaguar Marketing System. They responded to one of our ads for our program and wanted to give us info on this program. Now interestingly the Jaguar Marketing System claims to NOT require you to do any cold calling, or even talk to a prospect as that is all done by their "trained" sales closers. This may have been a very energetic entrepreneur, or possibly a Jaguar Marketing System member that is not seeing the as claimed profits that come so "easily".

The investment levels are Platinum at $3995, Gold at $1499 and Silver at $59.95. You can upgrade to Platinum as you may get a Platinum sale where you are a Gold or Silver member. You can make $3000 or $1000 per sale as a Platinum. $1000 as a Silver level.

Al Turnquist is the founder of Mentors on a Mission and he offers the Predator system of lead generation, multiple streams of income and residual with immediate daily income. This is the overall approach to this program. His summary is featured on a typical Jaguar Marketing System website "lead" capture page.

This system has a 6 steps to wealth system from lead generation to closing of the sale which is done for you. This system is the Jaguar Marketing System's main selling point as it is said to eliminate the main reasons why most people fail in online business which includes:

** Most people don't like to do phone calls to prospects and cannot handle the rejection.

** Negative cash flow is resolved.

** Lead generation or the need to drive traffic to any website is resolved.

** Most people do not have any sales skills.

Our experience in ANY of these programs that claim to be 100% handled by others and you make money basically doing nothing,tend to fall short on truth.

Driving targeted traffic to a webiste is the #1 goal and challenge to any online business success. Without traffic, you have no sales. You need LOTS of traffic to see sales.

We offer a system where you learn to generate traffic, make sales, and keep your own commissions which is detailed in the link that follows.

Jaguar Marketing System is being evaluated further and we are looking for comments from people that are actually making money with their system so we can post the info here and advise all.

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