Jack Trout

Jack Trout is considered to be an expert in marketing and advertising and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in each. Mr. Trout began his career working for General Electrics advertising department and later was Divisional Advertising manager for Uniroyal.

I became aware of Jack Trout when my Dad gave me a book titled: "Horse Sense The Keys To Success Is Finding a Horse To Ride".I read that book so fast I think the book is still warm! What I found in that book was a simple idea that helped put me on course to find my horse to ride.

I think this is a very important idea to pass along to all you budding entrepreneurs, so it is worth another paragraph. Jack Trout co-authored that book with Al Ries. The simple thought to grasp is you need to find a horse, or "something" that will carry you to your success.

It isn't necessarily what you know that makes you successful. There are many very intelligent people that you'd not view as successes, at least in the financial aspect. You can find your horse within your "job", a mentor for example, or you can find that niche business area that you have expertise in and bring it forward to achieve your success.

The horse might be right around you but you are looking for something more "guaranteed", more "assured", or more "secret marketing concepts" when the real answers are just finding that horse to ride.You also might have difficulty accepting the concept that it isn't necessarily what you know that guarantees your success. Just look around your office or work environment, assuming you are still in a traditional "job" and note who is being promoted! Hope I did not strike too much of a nerve.

Jack Trout is currently president of Trout & Partners an advertising firm in Old Greenwich, Connecticut with other offices in 13 countries. Mr. jack Trout claims a client list including Fortune 500 Companies such as Merrill Lynch, AT&T, Xerox, Lotus, Repsol, and Southwest Airlines.

In addition to one of my favorite books mentioned above, Jack Trout co-authored many others with Al Ries, and these include: "Marketing Warfare", "Bottom-Up Marketing", "The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing", "Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind". jack Trout has also sole author credit on these books:"The New Positioning", "Big Brands Big Trouble", "The Genie's Wisdom", "Differentiate Or Die-Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition", "The Power of Simplicity-A Management Guide To Cutting Through the Nonsense And Doing Things Right".

You can hear Jack Trout speak on one of his two internet radio shows where he discusses marketing abd advertising. His shows are called: "Strategy with Jack Trout", and "A Minute In The Mind Of Jack Trout".You can even download these shows to an MP3 player or listened to when ever you wish on the internet.

Jack Trout is a featured speaker where he covers advertising, marketing and communications. Jack Trout is recommended.

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