Isagenix is a network marketing based company that sells weight loss, fat burning, and system cleansing products. They also have a business opportunity where you can make money promoting Isagenix products.

This opportunity with Isagenix is neat because you get a chance to help others to improve their health, while running you rown home-based business.

Isagenix has some good products that would be beneficial to just about any health conscious person. Their business opportunity offers 3 levels, Associate, Consultant and Executive. Isagenix offers 4 ways to make money which are summarized as follows:

Retail profits- a possible profit of 50% can be earned by an Associate selling Isagenix products by buying them wholesale and selling them at retail cost. Associates can do this either via their Isagenix website or customers can purchase from the Associate.

Product Introduction Bonus- a $10 to $100 one time product introduction bonus is possible.

Matching Team Bonus- The Executive level can earn a 10% matching team bonus which is based on the weekly team bonus from all Consultants and Executives personally enrolled.

Team Bonus- This is a group volume of 900 points that is made by a sales team effort.

Your profits are directly deposited into an Isagenix ecount masterCard. This gives you fast and easy access to your profits.

Isagenix appears to be a solid network marketing company, have a good payment schedule, and products that can help the buyer. All you need is a surefire way to market your Isagenix website. Getting sales "while you sleep" as we have seen advertised many times is definitely the way to go using internet marketing. Isagenix is definitely something to look into.

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