Internet Writing

Internet Writing is an online opportunity that you may have not thought about. If you think about the internet with all of its billions of websites, what are they primarily made of and what do they primarily do?

The answer is they are created of many , many words, that are written by "someone". They also use those words to communicate.

Do you think there is a spot or job opportunty on the internet for someone that may like to write and even better, make money doing it? The answer is a DEFINITE yes!

How do I know this? Well, my website has some 350+ pages of typed words offering researched information that "someone" had to type and write for me. Well, that someone was mostly me, BUT this should give you an idea of where you can make some easy money writing on the internet. Whether you write reviews, articles, post ads, write newsletters, new releases or press releases, it all must be written by someone.

How much can you make doing this and how can you get started? We have paid for example $10 just to have ONE page added to this webiste. Now, how much do you think you might charge to perform the research and then type it up so then that page can be added?

How to get started as a freelance internet writer?

You can have a simple website created stating your writing capabilities, your rates, and maybe an example of your work. Then you can contact websites like mine telling webmasters of your services. Or you can go to various forums and post your "ad". You also can write articles and distribute them to the online community with a link back to your website - giving you free traffic and possible customers. Make sure you establish yourself as an "expert". This way people will see you that way. Credibility is key in any business.

You can also find writing assignments at sites like or There is a demand for quality writers and the internet is growing each day- this is a recession proof industry in my opinion!!

Now don't worry if you don't have a multiple syllable vocabulary. Internet writing is different than novels or a term paper. Writing on the internet is all about writing in a friendly conversational tone. If you can tell a good story, and put it into words, you are probably a writing business ready to happen. Most internet reading skill level is statistically on the 3rd grade level last time we the idea is to not hit people with a lot of fancy big word talk. Write in simple friendly tones and you'll be all set.

We hoped you enjoyed this review on internet writing and how you can make money doing this. Good luck and happy writing.

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