Internet Toolbox

There used to be a lot of infomercials on this Internet Toolbox business possibility a while ago. I do get a lot of questions on this opportunity however. People looking to download things.

Based on my research, the Internet Toolbox offers some information on how to market on the internet. They try to make their money by using a back end product offer. A backend product is when you buy a usually lower cost product initially, then depending on how it is marketed, you may get numerous requests to buy the companies "back end" product.

My site actually uses this approach, but you will see that I don't pester you with a zillion e-mails or phone calls to buy my products. I also show these upfront and have a pretty detailed FAQ section so you can decide for yourself if you want to do what I do and make some real cash, or try another program that may or may not work.

We feel it is better to sell the truth upfront, and you won't be surprised, or worse start to get that feeling like you again got scammed.

Internet Toolbox marketing methods may be waht you are looking for so you may want to check their forum out also.

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