Internet Moms

Internet Moms is an elite group of stay at home mom's who are looking for a home based business to either supplement the family income, or in many cases, start a business that becomes the families sole source of income.

No doubt there are many mom's out there that have done this and are very successful. The internet has opened a door for anyone at home to make a full time income and more, if you have the right vehicle to get there.

One Internet Mom's website I have been impressed with is one run by Alice Seba and Mila Sidman; their site is IB-Moms (Internet Based Moms). It is obvious they are successful internet marketers suggesting that any mom out there can also be similarily successful. Of course there are many other mom's out there running successful home based businesses. They sell all kinds of products including products from network marketing type firms.Many home party type selling can readily be adapted to an internet website if you know how to set this up.

The trouble with getting this kind of home based business going is choosing the right product, and then knowing how to set up a website to market and sell the items.

Thats where a good course in internet marketing, ideally with mentoring comes into play. I highly recommend anyone that has no experience in internet sales to locate a proven course that someone else has used and is successful, along with a mentor to take you by the hand and reduce any chance of your business not working out.You also may wish to start selling someone elses product to learn the internet, then switch to your own product amd website once you now the secrets and techniques of internet marketing sales.

Internet Mom's is something that my wife and I struggled with for years.We looked for many years for a family business that she could run from home, spending minimal time and working when she wanted to. The internet was "my" ideal choice. However as any internet marketer will tell you, internet sales is not as easy or straightforward as one would think it is. You need a proven system with specific step by step marketing approaches to make sure you make money and your husband :) and you stay friendly business partners!

I highly recommend a course before you buy into any internet business. Just because you get a free website does not mean you will get sales. Build it and they will come does not pertain here!

If you need a good place to start you can do what I did, and follow the link below. You too can be an internet Mom working at home...or a Dad, is fine too :)

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