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Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet Marketing Consultant is a newer "job" or Business Opportunity that has been created by the many new websites being added to the internet daily. Every business, even "brick and morter" businesses need a website. If you don't have a website, your business tends to look less "credible". Remember the internet is often the first place people look to learn more about any topic or business!

We will offer you some info on this opportunity, then at the end of this review we offer OUR own Internet Marketing Consultant business opportunity.We really think our approach is more lucrative!

Is there a money making possibility being an Internet Marketing Consultant? We have seen various ads in trade publications such as "Small Business Opportunities" magazine. One in particular had an article in the July '07 issue. The reference was to "eBiz Consultants".

The eBiz opportunity as an example, refers to a system that Mr. Nick Nichols created which was from his own experience. He started in internet marketing in 1986 and has since created his "eBiz Marketing Systems, Inc." where he has helped thousands of business people in 14 countries increase profits by using his proprietary Internet Marketing Techniques. Basically as there are so many websites that are not making any money, he offers how to turn that around. Some 93% of websites are so poorly designed that they offer little to no financial benefit to the business.

Nick now offers training for you to become an Internet Marketing Consultant to fill this need for helping businesses increase website traffic and profits. The claim here is you don't need to be a computer or internet expert.The earning potential claimed is $12,000 per year per client and they claim to show you how to find these clients in need of this service. You find the clients, and eBiz Consultants does the work for the client to improve their website presence and profitability.

To get started this particular offer requires a $10,000 start up capital investment. Free information is also available. It also is mentioned that earning potential is not gauaranteed; that is a reasonable comment for any "opportunity".  You also have "equity participitation" possibilities where you may own pieces of many internet businesses that you may partner with as you develop a client base.

All this is very possible in our opinion. However we offer these additional views based on our own internet marketing consultant experience. Yes, given we are running a website that is intended to make money, we are our own internet marketing consultants. The point we feel is this.

Would you rather have your own profitable website, generating a very reasonable annual income, or would you want to be the person that locates other websites in need of help, then try to sign them up as clients?

Our opinion is being an effective Internet Marketing Consultant should require you to know the "tricks" of the trade so to speak as opposed to not necessarily having any computer or internet experience. Would you hire an internet marketing consultant that never ran a successful website? We see this type of  home business opportunity as basically a "salesperson" rather than somethat that truly knows internet marketing. There is nothing wrong with being the salesperson, however in our 25 years of manufacturing experience, the sales people that knew the product technically were always the ones that we preferred to work with.

There is no doubt that the internet has opened many job opportunities related to improving website traffic and improving business sales and profitability. We can offer you the exact tools and trade knowledge that a very qualified Internet Marketing Consultant would do. Then apply that knowledge to YOUR own website and reap the many benefits. Which would you prefer?

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