Internet Business Tools

When starting any home based business, especially one that is internet based, there are many unforseen things you will need or should have in place to get your self off on a good start. Internet Business Tools or tools of the trade are what you need to be aware of and we will offer a few pointers here.

Every business has certain tools as well as knowledge required to manage and run an efficient business. Internet marketing is no different than any brick and mortar business. Here are a few pointers for you and what we get asked daily from customers looking into our program.

1. You don't need to be a computer "Geek" to run an internet business.You do need to know how to send e-mails, know how to "cut and paste" -although not absolutely necessary, it speeds up many of the log on or housekeeping tasks, know how to log into various accounts, basic typing skills- I do well with the two finger method :) to name a few.

2. Organizational skills: You will slowly collect a lot of information as you grow your business. You will need a good system to keep important information like log on screen names, passwords, and the "content" information that you will be adding or changing on your website.

3. Basic website capabilities. You don't need to know "HTML" code but if you add or make changes your website, you will need to know how to do some basic things, such as adding this page you are reading. I wrote it, and "uploaded" it to my website. A very simple task but if you don't know how to do it, at first you will be possibly paying to have that done. Give us a call, and we will teach you how to do this. Also you will be doing a certain amount of "linking" to other pages or websites. You will need to know how to create "hyperlinks". Again this is very simple, but at first with all the other business start up things you will be doing, not knowing how to do this is just another thing to get you slowed down or off track. We can assist you here.

4. Another internet business tool is sort of obvious: A computer that runs well with an internet connection. You don't need high speed, but good memory to save your files and other business information. The portable USB plug in memory storage devices are a neat way to save your whole business in one compact place and carry it with you!

5. Another internet business tool is a good printer, scanner, copy machine, fax capability. You might want to scan information to show your customers if they ask for specifics.

6. A comfortable location in the house to work at. It is very easy to get distracted when working at home so you need to have a way to "feel" like you are at work, although you really will never feel like you are working when at home! :)

7. A good sized desk and maybe a separate business phone line (there are deals where your one line can have two incoming numbers and you switch from one to the other and it is distinguished by a different ring- ask your local phone company about this but this ins't something you need day 1).

8. Everyone that purchases our "Millions at The Kitchen Table" e-book receives our quick start guide that offers even more of this internet business tool information with more detail and we offer this for free. We also will help you with any questions you have. We were once in your newbie shoes and it is our pleasure to assist you in achieving the success you are worth!

This is just a few of the more frequently asked questions we get daily from our customers and we thought this general information may help you better understand the internet business tools and knowlegde you should expect to need to have and know. It all will come as your business blossoms. We feel that the more knowledge you have about what to expect, the less chance you will be surprised and the better and quicker for you to focus on making money!

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