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Instant Millionaire

You are an Instant Millionaire!! What emotions does this headline bring up for you? Do you feel victorious? Do you get a sense of Hope? How do you feel when someone tells you all of your problems in life will go away? I'll bet you feel all of these emotions and you feel pretty darned good, right?

You are an Instant Millionaire! There, am I correct in your feelings? Well, let me say that if this headline gave you that hope, then you may be a victim of a scam at some point. How do I know this? Well,uhhh....I was a victim many times.

In order for a scam to work, people need to believe that they are going to be able to relieve some kind of pain they have in their lives, often dealing with money. Nothing motivates like pain.

Everyday my "bulk" or spam e-mail folder fills with all sorts of offers. Anything from fake stocks, to sexual stuff that I have no clue how they ever got my address!

This review is another training for you on how to not get scammed and hopefully to know which programs are actually legit or have potential to make you money, vs. you lose your money!

Instant Millionaire is just one of tons of ways to lure you. Another that we see often are the letters from some BARRISTER from maybe Nigeria, asking for your bank account number so they can settle a legal issue where they find you to be the closest next of kin to some person that died in some terrible accident. They ask you for your Social security number, your mother's maiden name, and a whole lot of other information.

Now, given the fact that these scammers send out millions of e-mails daily to people like you and I. What are the odds of a certain percentage of those falling for this? How many of us have been pretty desperate at times in our lives needing some easy money?

What sadly happens in these scames is after you give up your accout number, you'll find your bank account emptied out a few days later when you go to check on your Instant Millions. Some of these scams can get much worse where people I have heard are even Kidnapped!

Possibly the best way to guard yourself to not getting scammed by any of these e-mail scams is to read that Instant Millionaire headline again, remember the feeling you had when you felt the possibility of easy money and eliminatuing your "pain" , and never buy into anything that gives you those emotions.

Now, the question is how do you know when something is real and legitimate? One tricky part of internet sales is hype tends to sell. I have talked to many people that call me about my product and website, and I have probably LOST many sales. I am in a wonderment about this to this day.

I am an engineer by trade, which by definition, we are the guys and gals that design everything you see around you. We have an obligation to you to make sure that all that we build is safe for use by everyone. We are the people that have to tell upper management that we need another $50,000 (or more) to make a project safe as we found a flaw in the design that WE missed. Think about that for a second. Yes, our profession is maybe one of few where we can't tell a little white lie to get out of something we may have innocently overlooked. It's our obligation and duty to ensure all that we build is as safe as we are able to make it.

In this day and age of jobs being scarse and so many people "covering" when things go wrong, the engineers really don't have much place to go other than to the truth.Being a licensed Professional Engineer, I took an oath to serve the public in a best manner to ensure design integrity.

Anyway, having said that, I have lost many sales because I have told people the truth. They think if it is that "non-hyped", it can't really make lots of money! I then step back realizing that I have a product, system, knowledge of how to make serious money on the internet, and people walk away because I am just too honest. My talk of my product doesn't sound hyped up enough, and I tell them straight there are no internet secrets per se, just a system of things that work, and if you follow them step by step, you will see success. It also is a lot of work as far as time invested , and they again think, "that can't be all there is to it".

On the other hand there are those that listen to my honesty, realize building an internet business is like any business and you get out what you put in. So long hours and lost of effort should be expected. Those people will succeed!

To close this internet millionaire scam prevention review, I'll offer this:

1. The best way to success on the internet and to not get scammed, is to find someone that is successful and learn from them. Then,

2. If it sounds too good to be true, it very likely is.

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I'm not an instant millionaire, but I can see the possibilities for anyone to become one.

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