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"You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." Zig Ziglar 

"The opposite of success is not failure. Failure is simply a learning experience in which you can improve and do better the next time. The opposite of success is not trying which is the worst thing in the world."


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"500+ Business Reviews, Online Business Reviews, Internet Business Reviews & Home Based Business Reviews with Tips & Advice from Marketing Gurus Who've Been There... Done That!"

Online Business Reviews

We started reviewing online businesses in 2006. We quickly learned that all the successful online business gurus promoted their businesses online with their own websites and blogs. It helped them get higher ranking & more free traffic and sales each time they posted new content to their websites & blogs.

Online Business Reviews

So we found a complete build it yourself website and blog system to promote our business reviews. If you can type, you can build a website and blog and promote anything you want with this system. And best of all, this system has it's own affiliate program with free videos that do the selling for you!

Online business Reviews Top Pick

It's called GDI, otherwise known as Global Domains International.  Did you notice you found our site near the top of the search engine out of millions of search results?  That means more traffic and more sales for you automatically.  You need your own website or blog with it's own domain name as a first step to getting your site in the top results. We can teach you.

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Home Based Business Reviews

Ways to Earn

GDI is Also a Home Based Business

  • Earn Unlimited Weekly $100 Bonuses + More
  • Earn Unlimited Monthly Residuals 5 Levels Deep
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Internet Business Reviews

Internet Business Reviews

GDI's Internet Business Shocked Us!

Imagine how shocked we were! After buying some, reviewing over 500 and promoting a few of the the best online and Internet business opportunities over the years, we realized we were making more money with our Internet website and blog business than we had with anything else! It was suppose to be part of our marketing tools. It was suppose to be our support system, not our best income producer! And it was the one that paid us the most but cost us the least ($10)!  That's the part that was truly shocking!

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Business Reviews You Can Trust

When reviewing a new business, there are some trusted authority sites that can give you objective reviews about the real reputation of a company.  Two good ones you may want to check are the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the DSA (Direct Selling Association).

Our Business Reviews

Over the years we tried many "online/internet business opportunities"  looking for one that would really make money and ideally enough to support my family. I spent a ton of money on many programs that just did not make a penny. I was baffled as to how to find the real money making businesses as I knew they had to be there.

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Some facts-TRUST is the key:

Over 95 % of all business opportunities advertised online on the
internet are either scams or unproven methods that only take your money and leave you with that feeling of desperation wondering if there ever will be a real honest business opportunity that really can make you a full time living or even any money at all!

TRUST is the key to success. You are not really looking for a business program or internet opportunity, you are looking for someone you trust, that will help you learn this business. How do I know this? Easy, because I was just like you, until I found a few key people that showed me the way to EFFECTIVELY market online- and I will show you too.

We are especially pleased when one of our customers applies the techniques that we learned and they see the online business opportunity to also build a profitable internet based business and create their own financial freedom from our reviews. "Job" satisfaction doesn't get any better than that.

The business reviews offered are opinions on the program or opportunity. We suggest you research any program thoroughly before you hand over any of your hard earned money. We can offer suggestions on how to assess a program. Just call or send an e-mail.

Thank you for your interest in our business reviews site,

Stan Tomaszewski

After testing and reviewing hundreds of different business opportunities and money making programs, ONLY ONE worked well so the average person can see results.  Visit our sites, Recruit Like Stan or Easy Money Online We hope our Business Reviews have been helpful.



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