Dr. Dieter Beer, along with medical research and professors of medicine at some very highly respected universities, founded Immunotec.This founding occurred after their having performed mecial research on Immunocal, which they had been doing since 1980.

The marketing system is one of a form of network marketing.

Immunotec is a whey protein product. Immunocal Platinum offers the following benefits: Slow down the loss of calcium, Improve the body's metabolism of insulin, providing increased energy and more effective weight maintenance and also is said to Improve mood, energy, well-being, alertness, concentration, and clarity.

Immunocal offered by Immunotec also is an anti-oxidant.

We are believers in these "supplemental" products that work in harmony with your body to enhance your immune system. See our review on this site for as another example. We also have personal experience where a family member defied the odds and lived 3 years longer with the most aggressive lung cancer. This all due to a combination of a strong will, lots of prayers, and supplements like these.

The Immunotec website has a lot of advertisement for the business opportunity. Obviously Immunotec would not exist without a way to market it and for those that market it to make a decent income.

The price for this product may seem high. The best way to "test" such products is to try them and see if they have a benefit. Simply put, people won't buy unless they feel better. If they don't feel better, you will need to continually find more customers. Reapeat sales are where you will grow a business like Immunotec into a nice residual income.

The Immunotec MLM may work perfectly for you, it would be nice to offer a product that helped people.

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