Igonet has an independent representative program that is like many other MLM oportunities, which presents Igonet as a possible viable business opportunity for you. You basically market the Igonet product and also the distributor program to others and make commissions from each.

Interbnational Global Opportunity Network or Igonet has a product called VoIP telephone service. This technology is about using high speed internet connection to make and receive calls without the need for a "land line". Land line is what telephone started out as with a hard wired connection to the outside of your home or business. Igonet routes the calls through a service adapter which routes them through the internet. The advantage of using Igonet is the calls are claimed to cost you much less by sending them through the internet, making the VoIP capable of making these calls worldwide.

The idea of internet routing telephone calls is a good idea, we just question the competition of many others probably jumping on board to take advantage of this VoIP technology. Competition may be steep. People and businesses are for sure looking for cheaper costs and are fed up with the high cots of telephone service. Many people we query state they just use their cell phones to make their calls and discontinued their land line.

We personally feel we have a better way to make money and this opportunity although may have merit, might be difficult to market w/ the competition. Our favorite way to make money is below and is our preferred suggestion over Igonet

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