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Home Inspector

Home Inspector is one of many business opportunities you can pursue. This is more of what we refer to as the more routine businesses one can pursue as opposed to an online business where you can work from home and have earnings well above what most view as average. For an online opportunty that works for us, please skip this review and click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Being a Certified Home Inspector can be lucrative. We feel that to be successful in this you probably need to have an interest in homes and construction. That does not mean you can't be a home inspector without such interest or skills, but most home buyers will want to hire a home inspector that they feel "knows their business".

By the way, Home Inspector is one who reviews a home for a buyer to assess the homes integrity so the buyer knows what the shortfalls of the home may be, such as the roof may be near its useful life, or to identify poor wiring, plumbing, cracks in foundations, etc.

The Home Inspector Certification service is designed to protect the home buyer. The seller also can benefit because there are no hidden problems that the buyer can later say the seller did not disclose.

A colleague became a Home Inspector and he soon found he needed to hire help. In our area, Northeast USA, this is a business and service that is in demand. Check your area before you pursue this.

There are many companies offering franchises and training to become a certified Home Inspector. U.S Career Institute for one offers training at home to earn up to $50,000 in this type of business. We are aware that a typical home inspection may run $250. You can do the math to determine of you can build up a business doing this that will pay your bills. Getting connected with real estate brokers is a definite networking must to get your business name out there.

One thing to consider is liability in your service provided.

In searches done for this keyword, we noted most searches done in Baltimore, Chicago and Alabama. This may suggest the market is good there or many people in those cities are looking into this type of "job".

You should look into the realistic salary, training, and tools you may need to be successful in this business program.

A Certified Home Inspector is a definite good niche as long as you are technically capable to perform the work, and you can build up a clientel.

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