Home Data Entry / Typing at Home

Given the number of searches for this kind of work, which at last check was something like 15,000 a month, there are many of you looking at this as a way to make money at home. Home Data Entry or Typing at Home programs are offered everywhere you look. Most we looked at were not what they claimed to be. Generally once you signed up for many Home Data Entry or Typing at Home systems, you tend to keep getting charged for things that you thought were included in the original offer. Or you end up paying a fee monthly.

Many such programs are also free. These like most "free" programs always tend to have a cost down the road, and may even be most costly in the long run.

One system we looked at recently was where you type ads in search engines and supposedly with only 2 ads a day can earn $36,000 a year. Oddly enough we could not locate any contact information on that systems sales letter. We expected an internet web address to look at further considering you were being told you'd be placing ads on the internet! This kind of sales pitch where it is difficult to trace the home address, either on the web or a physical address should always be considered questionable.

There were a few businesses that had pretty good reputations, which you may want to consider. These included: Type-at home.com, submitdatawork.com. Also, there are many websites that have job offers if you look closely. Most websites that are making a decent income need some kind of help. This kind of help can be of a typing or data entry nature. We'd suggest you look at these before you sign up for some system or program that claims you'll make tons of money with Home Data Entry or Typing at Home with little effort or by placing an ad or two.

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