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Home Based Business Scams

How To Not Get Scammed?

Thats actually very easy. Just join a reputable program, a sponsor that will actually reply to your emails or phone calls (sometimes we are very busy so try email as a first way to communicate), then LEARN the skills of online, internet marketing so YOU know the truth about how things work online.

We feel that most believe everything is a scam because they expect way too much results way too soon for way too little effort. All the hype online leaves us believing that we can have thousands of dollars of sales in a day or so.

IT SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT! It can if you have a LOT of traffic, but when we are new we have very little traffic and traffic does not build up builds slow whether you use blogs, review sites, facebook, social marketing,article writing, list builders, safelists and all the many other ways to generate traffic.

Also many will look to various scam review sites for other peoples opinions. Well, sad truth is most of those people claiming this or that was a scam, probably failed at everything they joined online...guess why? You got it, then expected instant riches. Now, yes there are some programs or sponsors out there that figured this all out and sadly decided to find ways to take money from those of you that don't have the skills yet...and they make a lot of money. So we guess they would be considered scammers or scams.

BUT many of those scam review sites are also in this to make money LESSON #1, guess how much traffic they will generate by having tons of content about scams, and then here's the best part..YOU will be building their sites content by posting your comments. You see google loves content that is always changing so what better way then to create a "scam review" site, then have all the many online failures go here to post comments, and have that turn into tons of traffic for those site, who do you think is scamming who?

Folks, home based business scams will be around always. YOUR job is to educate yourself about the truth of how online marketing and selling works and most important how traffic can grow.Once you know the answers, you CAN't ever be scammed! Agree? Our job is to teach you, so please ASK us questions to learn.

We would love to see you join our team to serve you and show you the way to success online so you will know the truth about online sales and that there are many NON scam programs and GOOD people looking to help you!

We are actually upset about some things we see. We have zero negative comments about us at most of the so called "scam review sites" ,but if you google "fake review sites" you will see the #1 result that claims our site is a FAKE. Folks, that scam exposer/review site owner never contacted us to interview us, and as you can see, ALL of the websites he lists as fakes, are all KEYWORDS that YOU may find HIS site when you are looking for truthful information. So, he is luring you to is done all the time on the internet to get traffic by calling something else a scam or fraud. Do you think WE are scammers? Give me a call or email and we will give you EXACT ways to get started online...we been here since 2006!

Home based business scams can be easily resolved if you learn some skills and STOP believing all the hype about instant riches and focus on ONE program to really learn, that's how not to get scammed!

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