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Grant Search

There are many adverts on Grant Search which is the basic idea of finding tons of federally or government provided grant money to fund various needs you may have. These include starting up a business, paying off debts, and all sorts of other ideas.

Can you really get free grant search money?

We responded to an ad called Grant Search Assistant where we obtained a CD that was Federal Grant Retrieval Software. The software supposedly had locations of where to find all this free money.

The CD was distributed by Raven Media with an address of Las vegas, Nevada.

One thing we did get from this CD offering was a reoccuring monthly charge that as of this writing we are still trying to cancel! We contacted the phone number of the charge last month and cancelled. This month we again received the same charge after they said our account was closed. Not a surprise.

One thing advertised about grant search and free grant money is it is difficult to complete the paperwork necessary to obtain the funds. You can become the person that does this service for others.

We suggest you be leary of any grant search programs and also be cautious of who you give your credit card number to. This program had a $2.95 cost which is enticing as you believe you will receive the secrets to tons of free cash for only this minor fee. However they get you with the reoccurring fee that often is so small that you may not notice it on your credit card bill.

We don't recommend any free grant search money programs at this time.

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