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I have been on the Global Domains International Leaderboards nearly every week ( I missed a handful) since I joined In March 2010. We use a simple team system, and team suport. We show anyone how to get FREE traffic to our system and many have made it to the leaderboards using these simple traffic methods. BUT be ready to put some effort into your business. This may help you understand the TRUTH about starting ANY online business. I don't know why marketers don't explain this truth; maybe they don't really know(?) OR they don't want you to know this. We want you to know the check this out : How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website . If you understand this simple thought about traffic anyone can see results in most any program.Once we show YOU how to make your first sale, YOU will have the knowledge to know this fact, then we assist you to grow your traffic using various proven methods (blogs, you tube, video marketing, article marketing, blog posts, PPC (pay per click), social media marketing) and much more. Back to GDI:

Global Domains International has a very luring automated audio/video ad that you may come across from various ads. I have seen some top marketers in the GDI "leaderboards", where you can see who is doing all the recruiting. Hmmm..if GDI is good for them maybe it's something we all should look into.

I did! I joined and was shocked at the response from my traffic.

I have sold all kinds of products and programs from $29 to $2995 and I was shocked to see how easy GDI is to sell.

I learned that Global Domains International was founded by Michael Reed and Allan Ezier in 1999. Global Domains International uses a MLM or network marketing format to recruit people into the business. The commission structure also is like most MLM or network marketing companies.

You get paid $1 for every member in your downline, and also weekly bonuses if you refer at least 5 , 10, 15 etc members. The bonus is $100, $200, $300 respectively. Not bad weekly pay. Some earn way more than that!

You can earn more if you are a premium member which costs $40/month; then you earn $14 from your 1st level and $4 below.

I will show you exactly how I do it.

Global Domains International sells domain names. These are only the ones with a ".WS" at the end of the domain name. Domain names are what you need to get when you start a website. For instance my site domain name is "businessreviews4you". My site however has a ".com" at the end of the domain name where Global Domains International sells only those with a ".WS" GDI has the exlusive rights to that .ws cool!

My GDI site is You could have your own "name" site too. Plus all the other tools and benefits of the GDI product.

The cost to get involved is only $10/month. You use the audio/video movie concept to build your business, which makes it easy as the movie does the work for you. However, you still need to get that presentation out in front of a lot of people to get a sign up and then a commission.

With the right Marketing System your conversions will be through the roof...I tested it...and had to join.

I never made sales so easily and ALL with no correspondence with the sign up...the system did all the work. Now that's what many refer to as "push button marketing."

Of course once we get people joining us, we make contact to assist them to make sales just like I do. But the initial sale is all done by our websites, so no cold calling or needing to be a sales person and try to "close" sales.

If you like the idea of Global Domains International, it has potential to generate a huge residual income.

Domains are growing at an exponential rate...every one literally will have a domain name in the next years...imagine being at the top of that growth.

Current ads suggest you could earn $9300/month within 2 years.

Works for me! Actually I see that income happening way before 2 years.

Or should I say GDI, Global Domains international is working for me, and it could for you too....there are few legit home based businesses that you can start for $10 plus a $19/month marketing system.

Our MHBB team site offers a few tricks to really get your business growing fast.

Global Domains International (GDI) gets both thumbs up!

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