Cash Gifting Exposed

Cash Gifting or gifting clubs are not new and actually have been around for a while.

At this time cash gifting programs are sprouting up all over the internet and many people claim to be making some serious cash. Up to $3500 a day or more. They are claimed to be legal, with similar reasons like when you gift things to your family- cars, even homes. Let's expose the truth on these programs and see if any that work are out there.

There are many sites also selling leads to these cash gifting programs.

We tested one gifting program, bought in to the top level ($3500) so in case we received this level gift, we could accept it- you usually can only accept a gift up to the amount you gifted to your sponsor.

In about a months time we received a few $100 (lowest level) gifts, and many "pledges" to send gifts but they never arrived in the mail!

Yes, to receive a gift, you do need for the gifter to actually send their gift to you!

We don't recommend gifting programs. Most people once they get past the hype and illusion of earning thousands daily sent to you in the mail, they realize nothing happens that easily, and people want to sell something in the mail just tends to sound illegal, even though every gifting program claims they are be the judge!

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Passive Cashflow Secrets - Neil Shearing

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January 2008 | New Product Launches.