Gary Shawkey

Gary Shawkey is involved in affiliate marketing and has a book called Secrets to Becoming an Expert Affiliate Marketer. He also runs Pro Money Mail. Many people have commented that they signed up for this and promoted it and never made any money.They also said their e-mail questions were never returned. Well, we see many of the same complaints from our prospects- many people we find will just complain about everything , true or false. It cab get very busy when you have dozens of new people joining you each week. It is almost impossible to help all and satisfy all without complaints.

He also has interests in an MLM firm called Excel Var Tec.Gary Shawkey also has another program called Special Needs Children's program.

Gary Shawkey has another product called BizOpAlliance which he offers on his website.

Personally I do not believe anyone that complains about anyone online. You really need to do your own due dilligence. Your success will depend on your work ethic.

Gary Shawkey has products online. This tells us he is a motivated individual and has learned some skills so you may very well benefit from his info.

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