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Gary W. Eldred

Gary W. Eldred Ph.D. is a faculty member of Trump University and is an investor, consultant, author in the real estate field, and professor.

He speaks at major investment conferences and has been interviewed/consulted by journalists at The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, BBC, Fortune, and many others.

Gary Eldred has authored some 21 books including "Make Money In Real Esate" and has written or co written three collage text books and academic articles and research papers.

Gary Eldred began acquiring properties at the age of 21 and today his properties include rentals as well as ownership interests in shopping centers, office buildings, and apartment communities.

If Donald Trump says Gary Eldred knows his real estate and is a force to be reconned with in the real estate arena, then we would tend to think you can learn much from his experience and knowldege.

Gary Eldred offers an opinion that investing in multi-unit and commercial properties is as easy as investing in a house. We would agree that this is accurate. Consider if you have only one unit to "rent" and your tenant moves out, you are immediately without cash flow. If you have multi-units your one vacancy would be covered by the other units. This is just one example of why multi-units is a good way to go.

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