Frutaiga is an MLM based company, which offers a nutritional beverage drink. This beverage is claimed to provide you the ability to live a healthy and energenic life much longer than the current average life span.

The ingredients in Frutaiga are what sets this product apart, at least in the companies eyes. They claim this is what is responsible for making Russian cosmonauts, athletes, military superior to everyone else. They claim this enables a large number of Russians in the Georgian Republic to live to at least one hundred years of age.

We have reviewed many other similar products in the past that have similar claims and the interesting thing is there often is fairly good statistics that the local population does indeed have less health problems that the product is claimed to help.

You can only buy Frutaiga from an independent consultant which means you have the opportunity to create your own home based business marketing Frutaiga (T/M). You can also earn commissions from recruiting sales staff.

The compensation plan stated by Frutaiga is a vertical push comp plan that creates an equal opportunity for everyone that is involved. You also can qualify for bonuses on a weekly basis.

Most of our reviews on MLM opportunities are often on the negative side mostly because the concept of recuriting a huge army of sales people that you will then make a lot of money from, just never worked well for us. However we have since learned that if you find a DUPLICATEABLE system that is easy for most to follow, then your business will grow very nicely.

You also should test a sample of this product. If you or your family aren't impressed, then your customers may buy once, then not buy again.This opportunity is great for residual sales and Frutaiga products is also one of many wellness or health supplements that keep popping up. The competition is always something to check out with Frutaiga rep's or ask to speak to the owners, to see what their marketing plan or approach is- to make sure you have an edge on the competition.

You likely can make some nice extra cash selling the product to friends and family, and even grow a large team and income.

We will monitor Frutaiga and offer updates as we determine more information.

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