Free Store Club (T/M)

The Free Store Club (T/M) opportunity gives you the chance of owning your own website selling products ranging from clothing, jewelry, silverware to umbrellas and many other items.

Free Store Club (T/M) would appear to be something you would want to get involved with if you are looking for an internet business as it looks to be "all set and ready to go".

Generally speaking, it is ready to go, however there still is the need to market it so you get traffic (customers) and make profits.

The pay structure used by Free Store Club (T/M) is referred to as Exact Method Marketing. You make money two ways: one, by retailing products, and two, by giving away more free stores. Both income sources have an added residual income feature where you make money from stores you "sponsor" amd well as by the selling of a free store.

This opportunity no doubt has some people making money.You should consider a few key items before you jump in. These include, is the program unique so that you products are not readily available off line? and is your website domain name unique? Also, what support will you get to drive traffic to your site? Starting out by selling to your family and friends can sound like it may work, but I prefer a traffic building method, that can work for any website, that once created, you have little additional work to do to keep it going, and you don't need to bug your family and friends!

Free Store Club (T/M) is similar to other Internet Mall concept websites/internet business opportunities. There are other ways to make money on the internet that I feel are better than free store cub.

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