Free Classifieds

While Free Classifieds sites online seem attractive and the word "free" always is an eye catcher, the bottom line is these don't work for marketing your product that well.

Think of it like this, have you ever seen any marketer using free classifieds to sell their product and make a full time income? I don't think so.

Every marketer out there knows they need to spend some money in advertising to generate sales and income.

I personally tried some free classifieds as the internet is filled with them.

They can work only if you post a LOT of ads each day, and of course you have a great subject line and then a high converting capture page. There are also always some automatic posting software that will post many daily ads to places like craigslist, or There are also places like These are probably the 3 better ones to work with.

My recommendation is to not use free classifieds as a sole method to market your item. You can use them possibly to practice writing ads ( I did this), and it is kind of neat seeing your ad on the free classifieds site. In the long run there are other ways to market that provide much better results.

Free Classifieds sites online can work, but be prepared to post a lot of daily ads to see even some small level of results.

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