Is a Franchise For Sale for you?

Let us offer some basics on what franchises are all about so you can make the best choice in the business type you pursue.

Most franchises require a monetary investment anywhere from $5000 up to many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read my review on 7-11 (T/M) franchises and you'll see the cost to get going in that company.

In addition to the monetary investment, there is a personal committment. What we mean by this is, if your employees don't come to work, YOU need to be there. You are the back up for any and all problems with running the business. This can mean long hours, often more than when you worked a "day job". If you like to vacation or regroup on the weekends, you might not find a franchise as the way to accomplish this.

There are also various "fees" that franchises charge, that you will pay as part of your annual operating costs. These are often referred to as royalty fees.

During your start up months plan on a certain time element where you are not profitable. Ask your franchise contact what this typically is. You also are typically responsible for ALL aspects of the business including: advertising, ordering, repairs, customer service, PR.

Franchises were often referred to in MLM meetings we attended in our early "looking for the right business" years, as being in business for yourself, BUT not really due to the parent company royalty fees, as well as certain "company rules" you may need to adhere to. In essence, you aren't really your own boss.

This review may seem slanted aganst franchises. We are only pointing out the reality of what you would need to do or be involved with. You may still see this as a much better "job" than working for someone and collecting a paycheck. You can also use franchises to build up your own network of businesses by reinvesting profits.

The good news on franchises is most have been in business for many years, so the product and business is usually sound. You are then only learning what has already been proven so your success depends more on your work ethic than anything else.

Make sure you get all the facts on any franchise offer, and be sure there is ample support and training. There is a website that offers various information on franchises that are out there. You may want to subscribe to their site for notifications on franchises.

Whether looking for franchises for sale, franchises to buy, under 10000, franchise for women, or other opportunities, you may want to google and see what may come up.

If you are looking for a home based business that can be started for very little money, and has potential to grow to profits you never imagined, you might want to look at an internet business as an alternative to franchises.

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