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Foreclosure Town

Foreclosure Town

Foreclosure Town is another website based company that offers listings of foreclosures that you can locate by town all across the USA.They claim their list is from homeowners as well as financial institutions who own these properties.

The Foreclosure Town business is part of the Foreclosure World Group, which is also under the auspices of Foreclosure Leads and Foreclosure School. Jordan Publishing Corporation of California, which is owned by Bill Steiger and Stacey Wachtel is the parent company that oversees these entities.

A fee of about $370 is required to become a member of Foreclosure Town. For this you get access to their list of Foreclosure properties. You can search their website for items in your area or where ever you may be looking for property. This is kind of strange to us as you can get this information for free from any local real estate firm, banks or mortgage companies.

Some reports on Foreclosure Town were not favorable, including accusations that their lists are outdated, the fee is too high, and refunds are almost impossible to obtain, and some call it a "rip off". lists Foreclosure with thier opinion also.

We feel that if you are looking to invest in real estate and want to use the foreclosure route, you'd be better off to contact your local real estate agents, banks, etc. to obtain free information and lists of available properties. Why spend any money if you don't have to? Then find a local mentor that owns multiple properties and see what they did to build their real estate empire.

We are still testing Foreclosure Town and its offerings/benefits and will update all when we have further information.

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