FFA Link Pages

What are FFA Link Pages? Are they of any use in todays marketing methods on the internet? Let me briefly offer some pointers on FFA Link Pages. BTW, these are really old school.

FFA Link pages are basically websites that have a lot of links to other sites. People use them to promote their sites by linking to them. What's linking? Linking is when you place your website URL , like in my case , www.businessreviews4you.com on another website. That "link", if clicked by someone would direct them to my site. I may make a sale!

Linking is important to any website as the number of links and the quality of the link helps determine how "important" your website looks to the search engines. The problems with FFA pages are those links don't stay very long, and you lose your link.

I feel that FFA link pages are "old" school as they have been around since the early internet marketing days. I belonged to several. I don't feel that I made any decent number of sales using FFA links. They are free, but if minimal sales, then even free isn't a selling point!

There are other ways to get internet sales, that work much better than FFA link pages. You might make good if you start an FFA site. Generally FFA sites want your e-mail or a reoccurring monthly fee to make their money. Some have pretty good tools that may make them worth the cost. I'd suggest you click the link below and see how internet marketing is done and not bother w/ FFA pages.

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