Ezine Ads

A very least cost way to advertise is with Ezine Ads.You can place ads for as little as $5 an ad. There are many ezines out there; just do a search in google or your favorite search engine for "ezine ads".

The best ezine ads that will get you the best return on your dollar are the Top Sponsor ads or Solo Ads. Top Sponsor ads are at the top of the ezine. Solo Ads are sent out as a separate stand alone type mailing to the ezine members; so your ad is viewed quite exclusively.

There are also FREE Ezine Ads. These don't work. Many people try to run an internet business with only free type ads. However the internet is no different than any other business. If you spend nothing for something, you tend to get nothing in return. You have to spend some money in your advertising to be realistic as far as obtaining profits.

In additon to Ezine Ads, there are other newer methods of advertising that are actually free and can help your sales by proving back links to your site as well as directing "free" traffic if you know how to use these latest "buzz word" techniques. E-mail for my experiences with some of these ideas and I'll let you know what has worked for me.

By the way, an ezine is an electronic magazine!

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