Euro Millions Lottery

Euro Millions Lottery Winner :CONGRATULATIONS: YOU WON 1,000,000 EUROS. This was the opening line of the e-mail I received. Was I excited? Not really. Why?

Euro Millions International Promotions Program is just one of many lottery programs that are on the internet. I received this e-mail after never entering any contest. That to me was a first red flag. Why would I be entered in any Euro Million Lottery Program when I did not enter one myself?

The e-mail continued on to ask me to offer my personal information to a bank in the Netherlands. Now, I would very much like to visit the Netherlands, and I am sure the people there are very nice, but another red flag went up. Asking to send my personal information to some e-mail address that which I did not initiate the contact.

The e-mail this Euro Millions lottery used was a business address that is available on the internet. So, very easy to contact me and pursue a possible not legal lottery winning venture. They wanted me to contact their "bank".

I think you see the point here. I am sure there are legitimate lotteries in many parts of the world and Euro Millions can be legit as well. However as we have said many times on this site, do not offer any personal information to any supposed bank, Nigerian letter, some lawyer or barrister from some far off land that needs your help to transfer monies.

This particular Euro Lottery Millions was nothing more than a scam. The red flags pointed out should be YOUR sign if you get such unsolicited e-mail.

Be careful of any program that sounds too good to be true, winning millions in the euro millions lottery program would be nice but if there is no results history or proof, then it's probably not for real.

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