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Eric Ward

Eric Ward has been around on the internet since 1994, before most of us even heard of a "hyperlink". Eric Ward is an authority on link building and link baiting. The more we are online the more we see how critical link building is. It aslo appears to be one of the most time consuming and tedious tasks when getting your website "ranked".

We became aware of Eric Ward through an interview on Web Pro News. Web Pro News is a great site that offers all kinds of website optimization information and strategies.

First, what is "link bait"? This is anything that inspires someone to another website or blog to then link back to it. The only limit of link bait is your creativity. Sort of like "viral marketing"- your creativity to get traffic by viral means is only limited by your ideas and imagination. If it works, do it!

Eric Ward mentions the need to create a mix of organic and paid links. If you are looking to promote something next week, organic isn't going to cut it.Use organic for something far off in the future; if for Christmas, start in September with your link campaign.

As always Eric Ward mentions the importance of quality links. Making sure the link is of the right audience and in line with your website product line or intentions. Linking a business opportunity website with a flower sales website might not be the best link.

Link building is an ongoing task for any successful website and links raise your pagerank. Raising your pagerank, gets your listings placed "higher" resulting in more traffic. One thing my mentor once said when I started and had 0 links and I was perplexed as to how many I needed, was "one is better then zero","two is better than one". Do you get the picture?

Eric Ward offers his years of experience and has some very good ideas on link building and link bait. We recommend Eric Ward.

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